Contructing a billboard

I am interested in building a billboard, but was curious how deep into the ground you have to put the monopole; does anyone know?

Normally about 12’ to 15’ – but it completely depends on how big and how tall a sign you are building.

Ok, thanks. Also, what’s the best way to measure what the height should be for the billboard? I bought your tapes and you discussed it briefly, but I was curious if you could go in more detail about the available options out there?

The best option is to hire a small skyhook crane. Have it let out enough cable so that the distance from the ball up the line is the height of the billboard face. Mark this point with a red t-shirt. Attach a tapemeasure to the ball of the line, and have them raise the ball to the desired height. Get in your car and drive it (and take photos) and you now can see exactly what it will look like – both the bottom and top of the sign.

Alright thanks for all your help and quickly responding!