Could this project be feasible for outdoor advertising?


I write to ask for your help that if this idea of a new technology using in the outdoor advertising is feasible.

SmileClouds cloud machine is a magic machine producing clouds of any shape and any color flying into the sky, which could be of different sizes. As the competition in the outdoor advertising field is so fierce, I think this cloud machine might improve the competitiveness if combined with the LED outdoor advertising display screen. Just imagine when you are on your way to your office or home, many clouds shaped in one company’s logo or symbolized sign are flying in the sky above or around the advertising screen of this company, which will easily catch your eyes. The company will be soon remembered. Is this effect exactly the advertisers want?

This is only one of my ideas about how to use this cloud machine. As I am not familiar with the advertising field, I sincerely need your help to know if the screen owner will buy the machine.

Further more, you will be much appreciated if you offer some information about the market, e.g. about the cost of running a LED outdoor advertising display screen, the cooperation pattern between the screen owner and the advertiser(usually one advertiser display its product for how long or several companies used by turns ) and how much charged for how long advertising on a giant video LED screen.

Many thanks!


You’ve got a machine that can make legible logos, in different colors, in clouds? Can you post a link so I can actually see it. It sounds impossible. How do you keep the clouds from dispersing almost immediately in the wind?

Hi Frank,

Many thanks for your reply! Yes, the machine can make legible logos shaped clouds in different colors. The clouds can remain in the air for about 15 minutes, as for how far it can fly ,depends entirely on the wind speed and direction. And it can continuously produce clouds into the air. So both people near and on another street will be attracted. Also, it can represent as one company’s image for its high technology.

PLS refer to our website And pls help evaluate if this is possible.



Hi Frank,

Do you think it’s possible? What’s your opinion on this idea?

In my opinion, the cost of this machine is just a little comparing with the cost of the big LED screen. The screen owner can use this cloud machine in two ways:
(1) for renting. offer another service using the cloud machine to create better effect for the advertiser, which is, to attract more people’s eyes and to be easily remembered by them. Then charge some rent for this additional service.
(2)package the cloud machine service with the LED screen for renting for a higher price. This idea will also attract more advertisers, because it is more effective than just using the LED screen, for its novelty and rareness.

Do you think it’s feasible in the outdoor advertising field?

Look forward to your reply.


I’m not sure. All you can produce is a logo, and even then it’s kind of crude. I really have no idea if it would sell – but you might try to pre-sell it to some advertisers and see what happens. It looks to me more like something you use at an event.


Thanks for your reply.

We already use it at events and the effect is very good. But we don’t know if it can be used in the advertisement. We’ll try to sell it in the advertising field, then perhaps we’ll know if it is feasible.

Thanks again. Wish you a happy day.


Hi, I’m by far no an expert in billboard advertising, I though you can produce cloud with letters all at once. As Frank mentioned the most you can produce are logo so it can be understandable.

I don’t see why any led advertising company will want to increase their operating cost by additionally providing clouds compare with a fixed competitive ad sale price, even though they seem pretty cool.

What I have learn so far is that the advertisement must be place right in from of the driver, once it goes out of the windshield vision is no use.

For really special outdoor events , for sure your can rent it. But for this to happen at least in my city you would have to be the event organizer and provide it to the client in the combo’s event and let them do their choosing.