Any experience with this company?
I’m upgrading 2 bulletins and need a ball-park idea of the cost.
Trying to avoid the whole ‘sales pitch’ thing.
I just need a number for my prospectus.

Hi Chuck,

Jill Krogman is a billboard account manager at Daktronics and is a great resource - she can give you some customers to reach out to that use Daktronics products or some budget numbers to get you moving on your project. Give her a call directly at 605-692-0200 ext. 56599.

Hi Chuck,

This is Harry from Hangel Technology, LED display products manufacturer in China.

If any question, I’d like to help you. Please feel free to contact us.

I’ve used Watchfire for a few signs and I think they have a really good product and service department. I have not used Dak personally but have a friend in the business that had a couple of technical hiccups. Being a small business, I liked the one-on-one attention I got from Watchfire.

where is Watchfire from, please? is it a supplier of LED billboard, either? Thank you.