Die Cast Aluminum Cabinet or Standard Waterproof Cabinet for Fixed OutDoor Installation

Hi everyone, I am looking to buy either a P6 or P8 LED display in the size of 15 ft x 5 ft single sided with the back to be attached to the wall of my commercial building. I am getting many quotes from Chinese sellers in Alibaba and it seems like the two biggest choices are the Die Cast Aluminum Cabinets which seem like many use for outdoor rental situations but have read that they can also be used for permanent fixed installations as well. The regular Standard Waterproof Cabinets are big and heavy and not so modular so I am wondering if there is any downside to using the more modular Die Cast Cabinets in a permanent fixed 24/7 display solution.

Thank you for your input.

Hello there Johnny12oi, we would love to speak with you about what you are asking about. Since you are asking rather specific details, it would be best in a phone call! We are located in Georgia & hope to hear from you!
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