Digital Billboard Advice

Hello we are looking into purchasing a digital billboard. We currently sell other media too our clients, and this would be the first outdoor advertising product we have. This would be the first digital billboard in the city and first one in the region and am looking at getting a 10’x20’ billboard.

I just have a couple questions.

What are some LED Billboard Manufactures? I’ve already been in on contact with Watchfire. Just names of a new other major manufactures. North American manufactures would be preferred.

We have a location in mind for the billboard on one of the three major roads in the city (120,000 Population), It’s a four lane road that gets a lot of traffic. How much should I pay to lease the land form the land owner on a per month basis?



Watcchfire is a good company. The other is Daktronics.

The ground rent should be roughly 20% of the revenue based on a static board – not the LED. It’s not fair for the landowner to share in LED rents as there is a lot more sales and operating costs, and you might change back to static in the future. So take the estimated revenue of a regular sign in the at location, and factor in 20% and that will get you started.