Digital/LED billboards

Hello my friends - I currently am an electrical engineer and have designed and produced an LED billboard. I have everything necessary to put one up. What is the best way to go about finding a location? Mainly, should I sub-lease an existing billboard (if so, structural issues may be an issue), find land and build my own, or build on an existing piece of land that I own? Thanks!

If the goal is to get the LED up quickly, then you should maybe do a joint venture with an existing billboard company – you provide the LED, they provide the static billboard, and you have some type of split of the net profits. The odds are very low that the land you already own is legal for a new LED billboard. Other than that, you’d have to follow the system to find a new location.

Hey Frank - thanks for the response! Are there different federal laws on billboard vs LED?
For example, if there is an existing Billboard, there isn’t anything stopping me from using LED?

A JV is a great idea. Any idea of the rev share on something like that?


There’s no Federal law on that restricts LED, but there are many local laws that do so – so be careful.

The split would be whatever you can negotiate, but I think that 50/50 would be fair.

Bruce where are you located? I am in Virginia and have possible location(s)