Do I need any Licence or permit from the City to start selling billboard ads?

I’m a newbie in the Billboard business…and I want to know if I need any License or permit from the City to start selling billboard ads, renting one or buying one ? I’m located in Los Angeles, CA. I want to go to City Hall, but don’t know what application to get for this business. I have a DBA for my advertising business, I don’t know if that would help. Would really appreciate it if you can answer these questions.

Thank You

Every market is different, so you’ll have to make the calls, but there are normally three different licenses you may need to be in the billboard business. The first is a state outdoor advertising license. The second is a city outdoor advertisiing license. The third is a city business license. None are that hard to obtain, and normally require you fill out a small application and pay a small fee. The state license sometimes entails obtaining a small bond. The state and the city can give you full details of what applies to your situation and what the application is (normally you can download them from the internet).