Double D

Is there any preference for two faces vs 4 faces on one billboard like the Double Decker Billboards?

I would like to start putting up smaller billboards and was thinking of making them double Decker.

Does double Decker distract from for advertisers message. On WHY 78 towards the lake lavon there is a board by lamar that is really long so they split the board with a divider and placed one ad on the left and one on the right :slight_smile:

These seem to be very popular around here:


“Double decker” (normally industry term “stacked”) units have some problems. First, there is a natural distraction from having two ads at one time that turns many advertisers off. There is also the problem of content overlap. For example, if a stacked unit had McDonalds on the top, and a funeral home on the bottom, you mind would link the two together. And advertisers realize that.

The other problem with “stacked” signs is that they are not adaptable and are very expensive. When you see an ad chopped down the middle with two advertisers (one on each side), that ad can always go back to one huge ad in better economic times. Stacked units can’t. They are always two smaller ads.

It is normal to see signs converted to “combo” ads during recessions, and then go back to a single advertiser when the recession is over.

Thank you Frank.

Several midwest outdoor companies are now building stacked structure without the front outside catwalk. Vinyl prices being as cheap as they are, most of these companies prefer to use vinyl over posters. When using this stacked structure format, it is quite simple to wrap both upper and lower faces (from an 8x20, to 10x30, to 12x30), with a single vinyl, as long as the installer knows what they’re doing. This creates one ad, both faces, and also allows you to split and sell individually.

Double D is correct, except that when you convert to one panel, instead of an industry standard 14’x48’, you get a vertical “custom” ad size, which hurts your ability to sell to national accounts and to sell down the road to larger outdoor companies. As long as you only sell to local accounts, it would be O.K., but you always hope that your location will mature into something more valuable.

Sorry, I meant Summit, not Double D. My apologies.