Double Stacking

Dear Friends,
I have been fortunate to recently acquire I-10 corridor land entering Houston and want to commercialize the property. The land is unincorporated and without restriction for outdoor advertising. Is it in my best interest to have a double stacked sign? And, if so, what size would be recommended or appealing to the public eye? I am uncertain of the psychology of multiple advertisements on the same sign. Thank you for your responses!

Even though your land is in the county, it still has to be approved by the State of Texas for a billboard permit. Any property fronting a federally funded or state highway has to have a permit in line with the Highway Beautification Act. Contact the Texas Dept. of Transportation for more information.

I would not bother with figuring out what type of configuration until you are 100% sure it is legal for a billboard.

Thank you so much. Your information is so appreciated.

May I know what’s kind of outdoor advertising you’ll use?
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