Downtown Detroit building with prominent wall, Direction Needed

I manage a very prominent building in downtown Detroit. The building is approximately 3 and 5 blocks from both major athletic stadiums and the Detroit People Mover rides past the building every 3 minutes or so. I am looking to find a leasing agent that has contacts with advertising agencies. However, but I haven’t had the best of luck in finding a realtor , is the Detroit market that bad for advertisers? Can anyone help me out in finding creating a revenue stream from this very prominent wall in downtown Detroit … I have media kits upon request.

Does this building already have a wallscape on it? If not, you need to check the legality of doing so. Call your city inspections department, and tell them what your plans are and see what they say.

Detroit is a very weak market from an advertising perspective – maybe the weakest in the nation right now, due to all the negative publicity from the auto industry meltdown. But even in a bad market, you can still find advertisers.

I would first see if you can legally build a wallscape on the building.