Engineered Billboard Blueprints For Sale - Best ROI

Engineered Prints from a previous project of mine that cost me thousands. This is the most cost effective way to build a high quality all steel billboard structure.

$395 or best offer

Blueprint details:

Designed to IBC 2009 code (The Standard) and also ANSI/ASCE-7 2005 code.

• 12 x 24 V Shaped Structure using 4 steel beam Columns. (2 per sign face). Structure is 20’ tall including sign face. Longer beams were allowable in my project so I went taller. The angle of the V is also detailed, however irrelevant, because it is essentially two structures. This means it can fit a number of different landscapes, viewing angles and heights.

• Includes elevation, foundation plan and footing detail. Specifies design criteria, foundations, reinforced concrete, and structural steel.

This structure is designed for turn-key steel face panels. Most notably made by Tiffin Metal Prodcuts & Formetco…
Both quality manufacturers.

• Designed and sealed in Pennsylvania for 90MPH windloads. Check your area to see if you also have a requirement of 90mph. Coastal areas may be higher. Also does your inspector accept blueprints from another state? If not, take these to an engineer local to you and have them sign off on them. Either way, going this route will save you thousands of dollars.

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