Engineering Costs to Design Billboard

hello frank

i am interested in building a 12 x 24 plant with a local fabricator. the fabricator will not give me a budget number to quote building the billboard sign without an engineer stamped drawing. they don’t have an engineer on staff. what is the average cost to have an engineer design and put his PE stamp on the drawing?


What ideas do you have for your structure? Monopole, I beams??? Eagle tubular comes out around 30k for a v shaped 12x24… I know you need engineer costs but that also depends on your structure ideas… I have been quoted from 1k-10k for a simple structure engineering…

You need to find a fabricator who already has the engineering drawn and approved. If nobody local has the engineering, you could buy a structure from someone like Keeler Iron Works and have it shiopped – they have the engineering. Custom-engineering a structure is not cost effective, especially for a 12’ x 24’. You can only work with fabricators who can already provide this engineering.

Frank, Did you take this approach even on the first few structures that you built? Have you built a two column steel structure using “small” beams?