Environmental Viewing of an Outdoor Adspace Invention

I am looking for investors or a partnership with a Patent Pending I have to solve the problem of people wasting their OOH ad budget on Billboards ad spaces that are obstructed. Imaging the savings in the industry if you could buy advertising, from your computer, from anywhere, knowing you’ve seen the location you are leasing just as the end user has! This process may be in use, as we speak, but I have the legal right to it, and would like to get it to the whole Industry. What do you think? Here is a summary:

The system for the environmental viewing of an outdoor ad space of the present invention allows a potential outdoor ad space advertiser to be able to gain a sense of what a motorist (potential customer of the advertiser) experiences while passing a given outdoor ad space in order to gauge the effectiveness of the outdoor ad space as an advertising medium. The system for the environmental viewing of an outdoor ad space allows the advertiser to view each outdoor ad space from the comfort of his or her own office thereby removing the need (and its attendant costs both in time and fuel) to travel to each outdoor ad space site. The system for the environmental viewing of an outdoor ad space is of relatively simple design and is relatively easy to use.
The system for the environmental viewing of an outdoor ad space comprises the steps of providing an image capturing device and recording an image of the outdoor ad space via the image capturing device from a vehicle that is driving past the outdoor ad space. A database is populated with several entries, each entry having an image of the outdoor ad space so captured and one or more identifiers associated with the entry in order to retrieve the image from the database during a database query using the identifiers. The image is displayed on an output device whenever the identifier is queried against the database, the output device being any appropriate video display device such as a computer screen. The one or more identifiers may also be displayed on the output device along side the image as may be a traffic count number of the number of vehicles that drive past the outdoor ad space during a given time period. The time period may be further refined. The identifier may be selected from the group comprising a physical address description, an identification code, and a GPS coordinate…

. I have the complete Invention details, Drawings, and Legal Paperwork if that would further assist.

This company already beat you to the punch: www.outofhomebillboard.com

Thank you. Seems they have. I called today to try and get their Patent Pending number (didn’t say it next to the patent pending 2008 at the bottom of the site). Anyhow, he couldn’t give me one. Very rude, seemed to be middle eastern and mad. Anyhow I looked all over the US Patent Office web site where you can easily search and there is not one like that. Mine is Patent Applied for which is nothing if they truly have the patent pending, buy everything if they don’t. They are international, so maybe they didn’t get one here. Anyhow, I thank you so much for sending that. I am sure it will cost me lawyer fees to get this one figured out :wink: LOL
It’s all about the dreams and legal paperwork!