Finally found a spot for a new billboard!

Hi Guys,

Finally found a spot for a new billboard!!! It is a main hwy just a few miles out of Sherman Texas. It is a storage building business and has another business right next door so it should be legal to put a billboard. It is not in any city limits.

To make any money on this deal I would need to build the monopole billboard myself. Could you help me out with the following questions?

  1. Engineered drawing for 12" by 24" (How would you get this?)
  2. Large diameter structural pipe/tube (What size should this be 2 feet diameter?) buy it at Home Depot? :slight_smile:
  3. Drill big hole 15’ feet deep (Hire a company to do this?)
  4. Weld on the supports

John Daniels


If you are not a sign fabricator there is no way you can build a 12’ x 24’ monopole structure that will meet engineering requirements by yourself. You will need a crane to move the pipe and pieces around, and a significant set-up in welding just to get started. Are you a competent welder? Building a billboard that will withstand a 100 mph wind is more than the average person can possibly do, even with engineered drawings.