Finding Advertisers


What percent of your bb space got leased because a customer saw a vacant board vs you cold-calling/soliciting for customers? Thanks.

In the first week or two of putting up “Rent This Sign”, you will wipe out most of the prospects, as anyone who is interested normally drives by that sign every day, so the minute the number goes up, they call. After a couple weeks, the number of calls diminishes to nearly zero. That’s why it is a bad strategy to leave “Rent This Sign” up for over a month or so. You are only making the sign look undesirable. Better to put up a pre-emptible ad to make it look desirable while you keep working on selling it for full price. Since I had about a 80% renewal rate, I did not have to put up “Rent This Sign” that often, so it was not a big part of my sales effort. But if you have a vacant sign, it is always a good idea to put it up for at least a month and see what happens. My bread and butter were the other sales methods besides just that.