Finding Clients

Hello, first timer. I am manager of a warehouse that has PRIME outdoor advertising space directly outside of a major NFL stadium. I’d like to get in contact with a couple big name companies to see if they’d be interested in advertising on my roof for this up and coming NFL season.

At this moment we have just a roof facing the stadium with no standing structures or billboards. What would be my best course of action to obtain major contracts with companies like " Miller Coors, Under Armour, Geico, Coca Cola etc…"

Thanks for your time…

Chris Kerhin

Your first step is to see if you can get a permit to put an ad on your building. You need to contact the city you are in or, if not in the city limits, the county and/or state. All billboards (and an ad on your building will count as a billboard) has to have a permit if it is seen by traffic on a federally funded road, or state road. At the state level, you need to call the Dept. of Transportation.

I will call first thing tomorrow and keep you informed with my progress.


Ck the Dj