Finding construction companies who build billboards in my area

Hello Everyone,

I have found a couple of locations that I believe would be great for billboard construction and fit the permit requirements. I’m now wanting to get price estimates for the cost of everything prior to sending the initiation letter so that I can be as prepared and knowledgeable as possible.

I want to start with getting estimates on the cost of having a billboard constructed in my area. I live in Indianapolis, IN, and am not sure how to find construction companies that provide this service.

Any advice?

Hi, Have you found some one to build your billboard?

Google “Sign Fabricators” or “Sign Erectors” in Indianapolis. You can also Google “Steel Fabricators” and see if they make billboards. If it’s a wooden billboard, Google “Utility Poles” or “Pole Barn Contractors” as all you need is someone who knows how to install the poles (any household framer can add the 2" x 4"s and plywood.

I just north of Indy and would be happy to assist you in your installation. Please call for more information Jeff 206-707-6602