Finding Sponsor for Building Wrap?!

I work for the owner of a luxury condo in Royal Oak, MI. We have a festival moving to our city that anticipates 450k ppl and we would like to find someone to advertise on our approx. 200ft bldg for a week before and during the event. How do I even begin to find someone who may be interested?




To do it legally, you’ll have to get a permit for the billboard. Then you’ll need to find someone who can install it – so you know for a fact that it can be done. Are you aware that it costs about $4,000 to install the necessary hooks to attach a vinyl to a wall? Otherwise, you better come up with a plan to temporarily install it by attaching it to something else, like a balcony. But you’ll not be able to do a large vinyl if you are just loosely attaching it (it will blow off). And then you’ll have to put together a media kit and hit advertisers. And then you’ll have to manage getting their design printed and installed.

Nobody said the outdoor business was easy.

Thanks so much Frank…We are aware of the cost, but would you recommend I partner with an advertising agency? I would have no idea where to start with a media kit & approaching/finding advertisers. Can I just call an agency and let them know what we are looking for?

Thanks again!