First Meeting Question

We’re close to securing a few meetings with promising landowners, but don’t have office space to meet with the individuals. We sent the letters and I’ve gotten two calls today (that I haven’t yet replied to). If we tell them we’re happy to meet anywhere that is most convenient for them, and they also have nothing in mind, what should we do? I feel like meeting at a coffee shop will instantly sell us out as being new at this.

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Option 1

Offer to take them to lunch. Most land owners (people in general, really) like being woo’d. I prefer suggesting a place (I am a fan of Mexican food, and the price for Mexican is usually pretty affordable), but give them the opportunity to suggest a place if they want. Something like “I like [restaurant], but I’m happy to take you wherever you want to go”. Try to aim for a place that has tables (which makes contract signing easier) and is mostly quiet. So, preferably not something like a sports bar. Different people have different preferences though, so sometimes you need to work in unfavourable conditions in order to get the contracts signed. You don’t have to offer to pay at the end, but I would suggest doing so. If the client is bold enough to ask who is going to be paying, let them know that lunch is on you and to order anything they want. Again, you’re wooing them, so be generous.

Option 2

Get an office. Even in small towns you can generally find small office locations to rent affordably. I saw a one-room office go for $80/mo the other day. It’s not that expensive and you can justify it because as a billboard manager, it doesn’t take that much office space to run your business. Again, you want a meeting area that makes conversation and signing contracts a simple and inviting process. I would suggest something like two couches and a coffee table for the meeting space or a couch and some chairs with a coffee table to make the meeting area open, inviting, and comfortable.

Hope this helps and good luck on your new adventure!