Flipping Land Leases (permits)

Hello All:

I’m a newbie here (and to the Billboards industry in general) and am thinking of flipping land leases (or permits) as a hobby for a 2nd income.

I am impressed with the amount of data on the OutdoorBillboard.com website, however, I would like to get more information on flipping.

After reading some of the articles on this site, it appears that it will take a moderate monetary (and time) investment to install (and own) billboards and then keep them rented out to advertisers. I am not interested in that kind of investment, yet.

However, doing flips does interest me. Can someone point me in the right direction for performing flips for billboard leases? I have seen various eBooks, and printed Books, on this site but which is best for finding sites (land), permitting them, obtaining a lease/agreement, and then selling that lease to a billboard company?

Your comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks.



You should buy the new Billboard Home Study Course available here on the site, or you can call (800) 950-1364.

It will tell you everything you need to know, including sample lease contracts, etc. It also includes a weekly question & answer hour access, so you can get live input weekly thereafter.


How does the Home Study Course compare with your ebook “Big Bucks From Big Signs”?




It has much of the same information, but a bunch of new stuff, including about a hundred photos that demonstrate what I am talking about [the “a picture is worth a thousand words” concept]. If you already have the old book, they will take the price you paid for that one off the price of the new one. Kind of an “amnesty” program for people who want to upgrade. Basically, the new one is much better. It also comes with 10 hours of CDs, and access to a weekly mentoring question and answer hour.