Forming a billboard company

Hello All,
First of all I want to say thank you to all who contribute to this forum and special thanks to moderators for managing such a nice forum.
I am a newbie to billboard industry and learning the curves of this industry. I am trying to enter into billboard market.
My first question is, I want to register my company with state. Should I form LLC or Inc or S-corp? I am thinking of going for LLC because it provides many benefits like Inc. but with less paperwork.
What are experts ideas on this, what do most people who enter into Billboard Company go for?



I am certainly not an attorney, and cannot give legal advice, but an LLC seems to be the most popular form of entity right now, but I am unsure of the legal reasons why. I know billboard companies that have been formed in all three of the styles you mentioned. I would do more research on the internet or talk to a licensed attorney to make the final decision.

LLC is the way to go. easy simple and very economical.

One thing is for sure – you normally do not want to own a billboard in your personal name. The liability is far too great.