General Liability Insurance

Frank or anyone:

Does anyone have any recommendations on an insurance agent or company that could provide an outdoor advertising company with general liability insurance?
It seems that every agent I speak is confused as to what I am looking for or want to treat me as a contractor and quote me outrageous prices.

I am in New York but anyone who has a contact of a good agent would be most appreciated. I am not looking for coverage of the actual sign itself it is coverage to hold harmless the owner of the property of which the billboard is on and typically it is for 1million per occurrence and 2million in aggregate.

Thank you

Here’s how to find a carrier. Google up “commercial insurance brokers” for your area, and call them. Anyone I know will be in Texas or Missouri, and they won’t be licensed for New York. You will not find anyone who understands this coverage from the State Farms and Farmers Insurance type of companies.

The policies are held by unusual sounding groups like American Modern, and only a commercial borker has access to them.

I would also call the other, smaller, billboard companies in your area and ask who they use. At least a few will tell you. Even then, I’d bid it through a commercial broker, as that person may not have the best pricing on their policy.

This is the answer to your question. Cover Advantage provides a quick and easy way to buy affordable professional/genral liability insurance online. In just minutes you can apply, pay for and receive a policy that will protect you for liability arising out of the services or advice you provide to clients. Just follow this site