Getting quotes from competitors - legal?


So if I am a billboard company, how legal is it to call other billboard companies and get quotes on advertising rates?

I am not going to say what business I am in. Potential legal issues?


And what about getting competitor contracts?

There isn’t anything illegal about it. However, they are probably going to want to make sure you are a valid prospect before giving out rates. I doubt you will have much luck calling up and saying, “hey this is John from Doe Outdoor, what’s the going monthly rate on your 14x48” at the exit 15 ramp?"

Some companies may list rates on their website, but they are often subject to negotiation, and will differ due to length of contract, how many boards are being bought by the advertiser, etc.

Billboard companies regularly “mystery shop” each other’s rates, just as most other businesses do (I guarantee you that Burger King knows the price of every item at McDonalds).

Yes, I get that some competitive pricing is little easier to figure out and McDonalds is a good example.

It’s little different to call up a competitor “pretending” (for a lack of a better word) and getting competitive proposals sent to you.

I am just wondering what type of issues need to be watched out for when you do that.

Just trying to never have to talk to competitors legal dept. That’s all.