Great site

I love how Frank is bringing people along in this business…unbelievable.This is a very secretive industry on many different levels,because it’s so lucrative…Frank, being very,very experienced and a open book is worth a ton of money.I’m not a shill for Frank,I’ve never met him or communicated with him.I’m totally amazed at what people new to the industry can learn here.Believe me,the things you are reading and learning can only be garnered by working as a Real Estate Representative with one of the big three for years,and even then due to the changes in the industry, you’ll be working with mentors that are novices compared to Frank.I’m semi retired from the industry after 25 years,but still have my own plant.I enjoy helping the new folks along also,I have no agenda as I’m happy with what I have. Just seeing people succeed in this industry is my nirvana.