Guaranteed Lease Payments

We would be interested in your blogs feedback, and how to go about reaching out to land and billboard owners, regarding our guaranteed lease payment product. One of our firms specialties is structuring guaranteed lease payments to billboard owners from outdoor billboard firms.

This guaranteed lease payment product offers benefits to both sides of the lease, with the following benefits to the billboard owner:

  1. Your lease payments will be guaranteed via a third party, which is an option of A+, A.M. Best rated financial firms. The product is highly regulated and one of the safest long term investment vehicles in the market. Your cash flow payments may be eligible for installment sale tax treatment, and continue to grow through on - going interest payments.

  2. Due to this payment strategy, you will not have to worry about lease payment security, or ongoing dealings with the outdoor media firm. You will know each and every payment will be guaranteed and received on time.

  3. There may be the opportunity for our customized consulting service, where we design the cash flow to exact specifications regardless of the length of the lease.

We appreciate any and all feedback. You can also call me direct for more information, and how to use our product during your next lease or lease negotiation.


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