Hand painted outdoor advertising

Hello all,

I have been brainstorming about starting hand painted outdoor advertising in my local area. I wanted to see if anyone has experience in this industry and would be willing to share the ins and outs of the business process. Things such as how to start dealing with city ordinances and contacting potential clients. Whether that be building owners or real estate agents. I currently have a position at a real estate title company in the Madison, WI area and see a lot of potential for to establish and grow a creative venture like this.

I just joined this forum a day ago, so I am still processing a lot of information. Any comments are appreciated!


Great information. outdoor advertising plays an important role to start a new business.This is one of the best way to expand business in all over the world.

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Thanks for the reply! Do you have a lot of experience in hand painted outdoor?

I always - had this idea - many towns have a historic ordinance for signs - redo the old signs of yesteryear !! They can be repainted with no push back from many towns and even can be relocated !! Do some research in your town on historical signage and recreation is possible

But why such specifically hand printed outdoor signs, why not digital. It will make more impact.

Outdoor advertising are one of the best way to improve your business and painted outdoor advertising is way to attract the audience to your business and if you doing outdoor method then you should definitely go for street level advertising.