Hello, Frank&Dave

Hello Frank/Dave.
My name is Jack from Australia.
Firsly, I would like to say Happy new year to all members in USA.

I found outdoorbillboard.com through google and I found lots of valuable infos in this place. I really appreciate to Frank/Dave
In Australia, we have no companies like outdoorbillboard.com

Frank, I want to build and manage a outdoorbillboard advertising company in Australia.

I’m aware some of Laws and regulations would be different to USA, but want to learn the basic Know/hows to start in this industry.

Hence, I would like to purchase your course and I’m planning to visit USA in early February.

Frank, Could you please advice me for USA trip??

I’m strongly willing to invest, learn and spend time for this business.

Thank you Frank.

Jack Kwon.
sckwon23@hotmail.com is my personal email address.


Before you come to the U.S., I would:

  1. Read the course on outdoor advertising I wrote
  2. Learn the laws in Australia, so you know what is, and is not, allowed there

If you come to the U.S. to look at the American outdoor industry, I would go to Los Angeles, which is the outdoor capitol of the world, and has every type of outdoor unit including poster, bulletins, wallscapes, transit – everything. The modern outdoor company basically began there, with Foster & Kleiser, and there is so much outdoor that you can find a couple billboards on every block.

Hello, Frank.

Thank you for your advice.

I have read your book, and I have obtained the lists of laws and regulations in Australia.

Your book was great and so helpful to me. Thank you Frank.

Frank, I would be so honor if I could have a chance to meet you. I really want to learn more from you.

I want to join for the 2 days billboard bootcamp on April 2011, however, I would not able wait until the time.

I’m expecting and waiting lots of mistakes and big mountains in front of me to get over to be suceed in this business in Australia.

Before I get in to real action in this business, I’m hoping to meet you, even a day will be so helpful to me in my life.

I believe that to lead this business to be succed in Australia, one of most important step is to meet you and hear your experience.

Frank, Would I able to meet you and have your valuable time for me next month on early Ferburary??

I would be so honer to meet you.

Kinderst Regards

Thank you in Advance.

Jack Kwon.


I’d be happy to meet you. Email on my direct email at frank.rolfe@gmail.com.