Help! i need to sell my billboard

Hey Guys,

My name is Ross, i am from Ontario Canada and I purchased a brand new double faced wooded billboard in Ocala Florida (MARION COUNTY) on US 441…it is in a high traffic location…i have had things come up in my life where I cannot keep it any longer. If you guys are interested please email me at

I am asking $40,000 obo…



Post some more information on it like 1) what’s the advertising rate 2) what’s the groundrent amount? 3) what’s the term of the lease, etc.

The land lease is $125 per month…it is not rented at this time but the rates in the area are between $600 and $800 per month…i am considering hiring an ad agency to get the billboard rented as i am not from the Florida area.

Any advice???

You need to build a complete package on this sign. It needs to include photos, a copy of the ground lease, the permits, all other pertinent information. Then get that package to every other operator in that market. Nobody is going to want to buy one sign in a market – it’s too expensvie to go down there for one sign. Your best bet for a fast sale is getting a competitive bidding war between the other outdoor players in that town. Your price does not seem unreasonable based on the numbers you presented, but it is always much harder to sell a vacant sign.