Hey everyone! some newbie questions

First, how is everyone? I hope this new year will be good and prosperous :slight_smile:

My name is John, and I have a few questions.

I have several friends who own buildings for commercial purposes… they are in good locatons along busy roads. I was wondering what steps I need to take in order to put up a billboard on the back of the buildings (not an actual billboard per se, but more like a flat billboard) or on the sides facing the roads.

Will I need to go through permits/zoning? If so, who do I go to to take care of this for me?

Of course, I think I have to negotiate a contract with the owner. Are there any good contracts someone can describe for me?




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Your first step is to talk to the city regarding the legality of “wallscapes” (that’s what it is called). If it is illegal, I would not go forward, as the penalties in most cities and towns in America are severe. Only spend your time on legal outdoor locations that have lasting value (that can be sold and financed).


sorry I didn’t reply for a while. I was preoccupied. When you say to contact the city, can you please tell me where and/or who to go to? Are we talking about city hall? As in, walk in and ask for someone to talk to about outdoor advertising?

Do you also go into detail about junior billboards in your home study course?


You would want to get a copy of the city’s sign ordinance and read it, and then call the city for any clarification on it. You can’t just call them and ask about specific sign questions, as they are just going to refer you back to the ordinance.

Yes, I go over junior panels in the Home Study Course. All outdoor is basically the same, it just comes in different niches that were designed for different markets and road sizes. A 14’ x 48’ highway sign is too big for major surface streets, so that’s where 10’ x 6" x 36’, as well as 30-sheet posters, came from. 8-sheets are the appropriate size for 2 and 4 lane city streets with small setbacks. But they all gravitate around the same basic premise of renting ad space and paying ground rent. The sales skills, etc. are the same in all categories of signs.