How Much Does a 3D Billboard Cost?

The average cost of having 3D billboard advertisements varies from a range of $1,200 to $15,000 per month.

With the advancement of LED display technology, the number and area of 3D billboards have been improved.

An outdoor digital billboard can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars because of the many factors you need to consider.

Factors Influencing 3D Billboard Price
1. LED Display Cost

High-quality LED display carrier + high-quality creative content = successful marketing communication

Obviously, the led display cost cannot be ignored. 3d led panel has no change from traditional display in essence. However, there will be structural changes.

2. 3D Video Complexity
The more complex the 3D video, the higher the price you will pay for it. Some elements will all decide the final price:

Animation type price + film length + special effects price + dubbing price + dubbing + modifications.

3. Video Time
The production cost for 3D naked eye animations on 3D displays is quite high, ranging from 3,000 yuan to 20,000 yuan per second according to a quote from Novastar.

According to a quote from Nova, the basic video time for 3D animations is 15 seconds. And the resolutions range from 2K, 4K to 8K.

4. Control System

The immersive 3D effect needs to be equipped with a high-quality control system and video splicing equipment, a synchronous video server platform (multi-channel media broadcast control software and video server), and a sound system.

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