How to Choose Right Retail LED Display?

(1) Select the appropriate LED screen size: It is crucial for us to determine the required screen size. Customers may need to measure the area that the screen will cover.

(2) Determine the optimal pixel pitch: Many customers are unsure about which pixel pitch can fulfill the dual requirements of delivering high-quality visual experiences and being cost-effective. Reach out to our professional staff, and we will provide you with expert advice!

(3) Swift installation and easy maintenance: Linsn LED offers high-standard LED display screens for shops, featuring rapid installation and straightforward maintenance, which can significantly reduce your expenses and labor efforts.

(4) Superior-quality components: Ensure that the LED cabinet, LED lamp bead, power supply, driving IC, aviation plug, and other components meet your specifications.

(5) Certifications: Verify if the supplier possesses the necessary certifications. We supply LED display screens with CE, RoHS, FCC certificates, as well as EMC-A and EMC-B LED displays that comply with the standards of the European LED display screen market for global customers.

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