I can help attain 100% billboard occupancy in PA, NY, OH, WV & more

Green Apple Barter is the largest trade network on the east coast. We provide numerous outdoor companies with new advertisers throughout PA, OH, WV, NY & more. The form of payment is a credit within the Green Apple Network. Credits are liquid and spend like cash. Things your company was formerly spending cash on, can now be paid for with the Green Apple credit. We have access to hotel stay, commercial roofing, college education, travel, billboard production & design, web marketing & development, web hosting, national advertising, business machines, events, direct mail, entertainment, employee & client incentives and much more can be purchased thru the Green Apple Network without spending any cash.

Presently we service the buying & selling needs of over 1500 companies in Pittsburgh and thousands nationally. Last year alone, we managed $30 million in barter activity.

Frank Rolfe wrote a great piece on utilizing a barter network to ensure 100% occupancy on billboards

I’d love to explain the benefits of Green Apple to you today !

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Green Apple Barter Services
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