I Have Billboard Space 4 U

I have space to put up 10 billboards. Minimum size 6" x 11" at eye level on a fence next to a busy street.
Several speed bumps on the street slow cars down.
You can get in on this deal by claiming this perk on my Indiegogo site at:


We also have space to advertise your business on the inside of my hotel room doors.

Anybody have any suggestions or tips for me.

I wasn’t sure what you wanted on your original post, but if you want to rent this advertising space, you need to build a one-page presentation on it and then start hitting potential advertisers that would benefit from it. This type of ad space will not sell on the internet, but needs a direct approach in which you go to advertisers and say “I think this ad space would be a great deal for you, what do you think?” and try to agree on a price. I’m assuming on your first post that you made a typo – you mean 6’ x 11’ not inches, right? You will also need to make sure that what you are proposing to do is legal, from a city and state perspective. Most cities have fairly tight laws on signage.

i think he means 6" X 11"