I need some advice please

I am trying to get into the business of advertising, specifically billboards are the main interests of mine. I have some prime propety on an interstate that I want to erect some billboard structures, and I’m looking for some good advice as to what direction I should go for the next step. Can somebody give me some feedback on what kind of redtape I might need to go through or other specifics I need to figure out to get the ball rolling on this idea. It would be much appreciated.

Your first job is to see if it is legal to put a billboard on that property. You need to check with your city and/or State Dept. of Transportation to see if it meets the correct zoning, spacing, etc.

thanks your awesome this is just what I needed

If step #1 that Frank gave you is successful then step #2 I recommend you buy one of Frank’s books from this site. Either book will give you a solid foundation and guide to help you move forward.


Can I ask you a question? What dimensions did you use for your wooden billboard that you have built? Can I ask you about how much it cost you?


Hi Mark, sure thing. The billboard is a double stacked v-shape w\ 4 faces , 9 1\2’ X 24’s. I would have built the faces 12’ x 24’s but the zoning requirements were so that the ground to first sign had to be 8’ + 9’ 1\2 face + 9’ 1\2 face + 8’ in the ground = 35’ of utility pole. If I knew then what I know now I would have looked into a pre-fab’d steel section for the faces from like Formetco and could have probably made the 12’ x 24’ work w\ 35’ utility poles. The zoning limited faces to no more than 300 sq feet and the 12’ x 24’s would have been fine but I was maxed out on length on the utility pole to make it a 12x24. The company I had do the first build was local and had just completed the same structure for another gentleman in the same town about 2 months before, so I went with them. I purchased my lights from Formetco and the remaining materials were purchased locally and installed for 7,500K, which included 8 new salt treated utility poles set, plywood faces, mounting the lights, wiring, fasteners etc.

Awesome! Thank you for a detailed response!

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