Induction and LED Bulb Retrofit Options

Carolina Induction Lighting is a family-owned company in the Carolinas. We are an importer, wholesaler, reatailer, and custom retrofit provider of energy-efficient, outdoor lighting. We have specialized retrofit products designed specifically for the billboard industry. Retrofits are truly becoming the “rage” in the existing lighting world. Anywhere there is mid to high reach lighting needed, induction or LED retrofits can be your proven low maintenance, high efficiency answer.

Call us or email us to help determine how your business can cut lighting energy and maintenance costs. We can also explain how to use Section 179 of the stimulus bill to help pay for approximately 35% of the final installed price (the first year) and to apply for up to a 15% rebate from your local power company. This totals nearly 50% as an incentive to upgrade to high efficiency low maintenance lighting but is a current incentive and will not last forever.

Induction bulbs are rated for 100,000 hours (22 hrs at 12 hour days), and is an eye-friendly, non-glaring light. We offer a 5-year, limited warranty. You can call us at 888-501-6456, and visit us on the web at or email

Buck Davis, Owner
Carolina Induction Lighting