Initial Contact Letter

Hey guys,

I am not having any luck on getting a response from my contact letters. I have sent out 10 contact letters so far and have not had any bites on them even after a follow up letter. I am not sure if my letter is just not giving them enough information to warrant them responding to me. Can anyone help me with an initial contact letter that has had some success?

Dear _____________________,

This is a proposal to lease 9 square feet of ground space on your property fronting _______________________ in ________, ________, for the purposes of constructing and operating a high-quality outdoor advertising billboard sign. As payment, you will receive _________ per year. We will position the sign as to not interfere in any way with the regular operation of the property.

Attached is a photo of a similar sign, for you review.

Please call me at ________________________ if you would be interested in discussing this proposal further.

I look forward to hearing from you.


For the “As payment, you will receive _________ per year” part of the letter, what do you usually put for your initial offer? A portion of the revenue (i.e. “25% of gross profits”)? A fixed amount (i.e. “$12,000 per yer paid monthly”)?

Is this written offer binding should they accept?