Initial letter to landowner

So I am in the process of sending out the initial letter to the landowner, but I need some help. I have several locations that fit the criteria for an outdoor billboard, but should I send out letters individually one by one and wait on a response or do I send out all the letters at the same time? My only problem with sending them out at the same time is what happens if multiple people are interested and I don’t have the capital to build multiple signs?

Look forward to hearing your responses!

I am also new to this industry. If I were you I would pursue as many leads for sites as you can find. Simply tell those in the over-flow file that you are pursuing other sites that responded favorably prior to them. It is my guess that most, if not all of them, will be there when you get to them, even years away.

Yes, send them all at once. And keep sending them. This is a volume business and the more proposals you make, the better you do.

So if I send them all at once what happens when multiple ones want deals? I don’t think I would have a chance down the road of I reject them now.


I’m not sure I understand your question, but if multiple landowners reply, focus on the ones with the best visibility and lowest groundrents first, and then backfill with the lesser locations if your top choices don’t pan out.