Installing billboard

Frank and Dave:

Hello guys, im building a billboard 40"w by 27"tall V- shape, but i don’t know how deep and wide i have to drill it, can anyone help me please.

Installing billboard shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are a lot of things that can go wrong (like digging and hitting a rock)

You should have a contractor that you chosen wisely (not solely based on a price). Think experience, reputation, insurance, how many boards they built in the past, recommendations, etc.

Otherwise, if something goes wrong or board goes down - you have a good chance going bankrupt.

what i need to know is how deep and wide i need to drill, the rest will do it a contractor, but first i need to know this to make sure they are doing it the right way.

thanks for your advise

The sign’s footing is directly based on the engineering. There is no “general” rule on size or depth. The largest I’ve built is 6’ diameter, 60’ deep (that was on a 20’ x 60’ over 100’ tall) and the smallest probably 4’ diameter 12’ deep. If you don’t use the exact dimensions found on your engineering, the sign may collapse. Your sign MUST have engineering or it is not allowed under the state or city rules of any area I’ve ever seen.