Hi guys this is my first time posting on the forum, although I follow it and am learning a great deal from it. I am new to the billboard side of the business (I own an Aerial Advertising company but am confident both will compliment each other nicely. I am purchasing my first set of billboards and am currently securing insurance for them. Is there an industry standard liability insurance minimum for billboards? Also what about damage insurance? - My agent is willing to quote damage insurance but I was curious what the industry standard was on that and if its smart business?

Thanks a bunch for any advice!

  • Patrick

Get as much as you can afford, based on the cost and your appetite for risk. I always carried $5 million, in the form of a $1 million basic policy and a $4 million umbrella on top of that. That’s because I worry all the time. I always think the worst will happen, and if your sign came crashing down, there are many scenarios that are pretty awful. Talk to your agent and see what he suggests. The state you operate in has a lot to do with that, as the awards that juries give plaintiffs are different all over the nation. But the truth about liability insurance is that you need to have enough to pay the plaintiff’s attorney a significant amount – that’s who really decides whether to settle or not. A $100,000 policy is not going to cut it in today’s America.

Awesome thanks! What about damage or replacement insurance for the sign itself? Is that something that you ever carried?

Thanks - Patrick

Apply for Commercial General Liability for protecting your company, I recommend you using EasyCover its affordable and easy to get quote online. I hope I have helped you.

Where did you purchase your sign from ? i recently came across a company that manufactures and sells their signs right out of the US . included with the sign is a complete 7 year warranty for any small or big issue you have , weather its one single light module blown out or if the entire sign came crashing down in a storm they fix it all under their 7 year warranty.