Land owner on Highway 321 in South Carolina


I own acreage in a countryside on Highway 321 in South Carolina between Columbia and Savannah and am looking for opportunities to advertise on it. I’m looking for either companies who would like to lease a spot for a billboard or to have their ads on a billboard, who would build and install a billboard on my property either usual or a digital one, etc. I’m open for a discussion on all kinds of options.




You need to ascertain that your property is legal, under both cithy and state requirements, for a billboard, and then call each of the billboard companies in your market to see if they have any interest.

Your property sound illegal to me, the way you have described it, as it does not sound like it will meet the criteria for unzoned commercial use.

Sir, why illegal? I looked up zoning of the county and it allows ON SITE BILLBOARDS for RC (rural community zoning). It does not allow OFF SITE and I do not understand what “off site or on site” means exactly, but I assume ON SITE means on my property. Best wishes.

Give me a call if you would like to discuss further, I will help you determine if legal and go from there. 866-977-7727