Learn About Shinjuku 3D Billboard

Located in the bustling area of ​​Shinjuku, Tokyo, the Shinjuku 3D billboard uses advanced naked-eye 3D technology to provide a realistic three-dimensional effect that can be experienced without 3D glasses.
This innovative display technology allows the advertising content to break through the limitations of the screen and appear as if it is truly presented in front of the audience.
Its high resolution and high brightness ensure that the advertisements are clearly visible in all lighting conditions.

Impact and unique vision

High impact

Shinjuku is one of the busiest commercial and entertainment centers in Tokyo, attracting a large number of local residents and tourists every day. The superior location of the Shinjuku 3D screen ensures a large amount of daily exposure, allowing the advertising information to be widely disseminated.
Due to its unique visual effects and innovative advertising content, videos and pictures of the giant 3D billboard are often widely shared on social media.
This viral spread not only attracts local audiences but also attracts global attention, enhancing the impact of advertising.

Unique vision

The biggest feature of the Shinjuku 3D display is its realistic 3D effect. The advertising content seems to jump out of the screen, giving people a strong visual impact.
For example, in the giant cat ad, the cat rolls and jumps on the screen, as if entering the real world and interacting with the audience.
The background and scenes in the advertising content are constantly changing, which enhances the visual diversity and interest.
For example, in the Goddess of Victory ad, the goddess soars on the screen, and the background changes from city streets to magnificent temples, showing rich visual effects.

Creative content

The advertising content displayed by Shinjuku 3D billboards is usually full of creativity and fun. For example, the 3D ad of Apex Legends shows the game characters jumping out of the screen and engaging in fierce battles, with smooth and impactful movements.
In the pudding dog ad, the yellow pudding dog runs and jumps happily, interacting with the audience, full of childlike fun.

The Shinjuku 3D billboard has become a model and innovative display platform for modern advertising through its unique visual effects and high impact.

It not only attracts a large number of live audiences but also expands its influence through social media dissemination, allowing advertising information to reach global audiences.

This advertising form that combines innovative technology and creative content provides a platform for brands to display and disseminate, and has achieved remarkable success.

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