Lease Flip Success Story

It’s seems cool in theory, but does anybody have any success stories from flipping ?

All I want to do is flip ground leases. What course would be the best for me ?

I have wholesaled or “assigned” contracts on real estate properties before, but this seem a little outlandish because there are no success stories or dedicated material on this specific subject. 5k ? 10k ? 15k? Any Profits ?

I’ve sold about 20 leases, at prices that ranged from $5,000 (for a rural state highway location) to $100,000 (for a major highway in Dallas location). When the industry consolidated in the 1990s, it made the conscience decision to forego the billboard “landman” in favor of just expanding through purchasing ground leases and built units – it just made more sense to pay for production than to pay a salary. It’s a practice that has been going on for at least 50 years.

If all I want to do is flip ground leases. What course would be the best for me ?

Also, how long does the process take ?

You’d want to use the Home Study Course or the new Virtual Boot Camp that is about to be released shortly. As far as time frame, you will need to learn the laws (both city and state), and then find a fertile market based on those laws (where there are legal locations that have not been built yet). That could take 60 days to do. While you’re doing that, you’ll want to file for your state license, so that you can file permits when you find locations, without having to wait for your license. Then it’s all about contacting land owners and signing up leases and permits – and that’s based on a lot of variables time-wise, such as how good a negotiator you are and how much you are offering in rent.

You should just send me a copy of the home study course. I will find a location then j/v, and you can use your 20 years of experience too sell it. win win right ?

We are taking offers for purchase of our property.
It has two boards on it. A 10x22 and a junior board.
It has permits held by Fairway outdoor HOWEVER there are no current lessees in effect and can be negotiated by a new owner! -In March we issued them a letter stating the leases will not be renewed.-

The address is:
11304 US-221
Woodruff, SC 29388
Tax map #4-32-00-050.01

Send your Letter of intent to purchase to