lease flipping

I want to start securing leases and flipping them but my question is do I need to secure the permits before I sell the lease? I am new to the billboard industry and any help and/or advice would be greatly appreciated…

Sean Maher
Garden State Outdoor Advertising LLC

Yes, you have to have the permit to flip a lease. If you don’t, some people will just go around you and pull the permit behind your back and take it away from you. Others will only look at the lease seriously once you have the permit in hand, to prove it can be built and that it’s ready to go.

I thought during the permit process you had to do some sketches or survey of the size and type of structure you plan to build but what if the person or company you flip the lease too wants to build a different type of structure they will have to start the permit process all over again??

so in reality you have to give the jurisdiction that you’re applying for the permits and an idea of the type of structure you want to build when you’re not actually planning on building anything you’re just plan on flipping The lease


The permit to lease is required.