Lease term

what is the average term of a typical land lease?

sean maher

The national average is probably 15 years. Common lengths range from 10 years to 30 years, based on what type of sign is being built (the more expensive, the longer the ground lease). The shortest I ever see is 5 years, which is normally a renewal on an existing sign with a land owner who is hostile to long leases.

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i am reading your books currently and i am in the process of getting into the game here in the NJ PA NY area…


What happens if you have a long lease on a billboard that doesn’t comply with current state regulations, and a storm destroys the billboard 1 year into a 30 year lease?

Does a lease typically have an out if the billboard is no longer standing and in operation?

You need to make sure that whatever lease you are using does. If there’s any question, have a competent attorney check it and make an addition, if necessary. Remember that all states have different laws, so make sure that the lease fits the laws of your state. You may be able to satisfy yourself on this subject with a search on Google, or you may have to pay a lawyer for an hour of his time to read the entire lease.