Leased Poster

I bought a building and it has 3 wall posters on it. These 3 posters are leased with CBS then. Now, the lease is up for renewal in couple of months. I would like to manage these posters. So, a letter with cancellation of lease is sent to them already.

I bought your book recently and am reading it now. It seems to be very informative book.
My question is - how to get the replacement permit? Is it difficult to get our own permit?. I think, currently the advertising agency has the permit.

Also, I would like to know where to buy the used / discarded 8 sheet advertising structure (6’ X 12’) ??.

Before you kick them out, make certain that the structures are not grandfathered in, and you can rebuild them at that location once CBS removes them…

If they are not legal locations anymore you may have shot yourself in the foot…

Bruce is correct. You may want to rescind that letter until you’ve done more research. If the signs are still up, then you should call CBS and tell them you made a mistake and retract the letter until you have done your homework. The only way you can replace those signs is if you can get a new permit to put to them back. If they are grandfathered, and if they come down, they can’t go back up.

In addition, you need to see if you have to have an outdoor advertising license in your state and city. If so, you would have to obtain the license before you can even file the permit application. And pulling a license for just three 8-sheets may destroy your economics in managing the signs yourself.

Another option, although a long-shot, would be to see if CBS would sell the units to you if they are grandfathered. You may still need an outdoor advertising license to take possession. 8-sheets are not that popular these days, and CBS might sell them at a reasonable price rather than remove them, if that’s your only other option.

Sorry to make something that seems so simple so complicated, but that’s the process.