Leasing Landowner

Hi all,

I have a question regarding landowners with billboards already on their property. When a landowner has a piece of property with a large area of highway frontage and there are already billboards on the property, does that lease give the outdoor advertising company who leased said landowner the exclusive right to permit and build legal billboards on that property or can I come in and also lease that same landowner too if the spacing requirements are met?

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It all depends on the lease. You will have to assume that the landowner knows the restrictions in their lease, so if they are agreeable to it, that would serve as constructive reliance that it is fine. If it later turns out that they were wrong, the landowner would be in trouble under their lease, but you have no such agreement with the other company.

Thank you for the help Frank. I look forward to meeting you at the bootcamp in February.

I’m looking forward to it – and bring as many questions as you can.