LED Billboard Advertising

I am new to this website, but have been reading some of the questions and answers in the forum and I’m impressed with the knowledge you have in the billboard industry.
I’ve been in the sign industry for 30 years with extensive work in larger pylon signs. We are responsible for fabricating and installing the largest sign in our state a few years ago so it was only natural for me to start looking into fabricating and installing our own billboards. I just recently installed our first digital baord and I have 12 more with land leases already signed and waiting state approval for digital including 2 in Boston with 160k traffic/day.
I have a contract with an ad firm in Boston to take care of all the advertising on our first board, but already I am disappointed with the results. I’m going to sign up for your home study course and wanted to know if you have any information on how we could structure advertising on digital boards since these are the only board I plan on installing. I’m going to take over our future boards. If you click on the link it will bring you to the camera I have attached to one of our billboards and you can see some of the ads running now. Click on the yellow band to install the active x controller then if it asks put “root” for name and “yesco” for password.

Thank you,
Jeff P. Tuttle


I have a lot of information related to digital spot selling. Give me a call and I would be happy to fill you in.


Kyle Dines

Hi Jeff,

I am interested in learning more about who you are using for these boards. Are you under an agreement, or can you shop around still?

Thank you!

Cassie Morris
Renewable Energy Consultant
Breeze Sun Technologies

Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner I’ve been away on business for a few weeks. I use Yesco for my digital displays I have a very good relationship with them. They do have special pricing for billboard companies, but you do have to sign a contract guaranteeing you will order so many billboards each year. You don’t have to do this in order to get digital message centers from them and they do still have very competitive pricing if ordered one at a time.
If you are interested call Robert Klausmier in NY at 435-757-2020 and tell him I told you to call he’ll treat you very well.
Let me know if you have any more questions.

Can i have some of the tips here? Thanks in advance