LED poster of LCD poster? How to Choose?

LED poster and LCD poster have their own specialties, their differences are lying in the aspects showed below:

1)Power consumption

The ratio of power consumption of LED poster screen and LCD poster screen is about 1:10, which means poster LED display is much more energy-saving than the latter one.

Such difference comes from their structure, and consider the electricity cost as one of your important factors when considering the budget as the cost of display power consumption will be a large part of your operation cost.

2)Refresh rate

Overall, poster LED screens have a higher refresh rate as LED display screens can convert electrical energy to optical energy.

A high refresh rate can contribute to less latency and less ghosting when displaying videos. Moreover, higher resolution and wider color gamut.


Generally speaking, LED display has higher brightness than LCD display, and this advantage will play a more prominent role for outdoor using scenarios. For example, under direct sunlight, sometimes the brightness should be more than 4600nit to show the contents clearly. And the brightness of LED screens can even up to ten thousand nits, meaning there is no fear of the strong ambient light.

However, the maximum brightness of poster LCD screen is around 3000nit, which makes it be not suitable for outdoor applications.

4)Customized ability

One of the main differences lays between LED poster and LCD poster is the customized ability. Many LED poster manufacturers will accept customized cabinets, while LCD screens often can not meet such requirements. The manufacturers usually only produce LCD cabinets with specific specifications.

5)Viewing angle

LED display has a wider viewing angle which can up to around 180°to ensure people can see the images clearly from different angles, while that of LCD poster is narrower.

6)Working life( durability)

Generally, the life span of LED poster can reach more than 80,000 hours while that of LCD screen is shorter, especially when customers place them in outdoor applications.

The LCD displays for outdoor applications sometimes will be overheated thus leading to system halted. Many LCD posters can only keep the normal working condition for several months or a year, then needed to be returned to the producers for service. The whole life span usually will be less than 2-3 years.


The thickness of LED poster screen usually thinner than that of LCD poster as the structure of LCD screen have more layers, as what we have mentioned above.

8)Color gamut

Full-color LED display has a wider color gamut so it has less color distortion and more vivid expressive force.

9)Initial price point

LCD technology has been in widespread use since the early 70s where it is first applied to digital watches. Therefore, the initial price is comparatively low. However, when the screen size is large, then choosing LED display can be more favorable conversely.

10)4K display

Many LCD display can not support 4K display, while LED display can realize true 4K definition. In the market where higher resolution rises more customers’ attention, 4K functions is undoubtedly an outstanding advantage.