LED Sign Ventures

Frank, Dave, & Sign Entrepreneurs,

I’m a smaller LED sign company ready to step up from building LED signs for others, to putting up my own signs at a pace - or in joint ventures with others who are financially qualified to purchase signs at cost. My signs are solid, and I know what it takes to keep them looking and running great. I can build cost effectively for better ROI potential. I understand why LEDs can be a hassle and costly for others but in my position they aren’t - they are easy. It will be much easier to put up signs myself where I can find reasonable placement rather than trying to convince others to do so. I understand that there will be challenges.

I build outdoor and indoor LED displays - most types - and most sizes. My preference is smaller format up to 12 x 24 and I can do larger. My team has done LED trucks, trailers, billboards, etc. What do you suggest as the best way for me to set this up and connect with and qualify those who are interested in a simple business relationship where two or more parties put up a sign? I can take care of technical issues, all parties can work at selling ads, and share in the profits. I need ideas for properly structuring it? Shares in a sign, partnerships, LLCs?

Best, Steve - Factory Direct LED, Ltd.


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