LED sphere tech&3D led globe&spinning full color led ball

LEd sphere is a 3D LED globe display,also is one kind of 360 degree led display,but not the same as spinning full color led ball.it can be touch directly by humens hands,light weight,can be moved by two humens according the enviroments of the stage.also can haning in the air by fixed on the roof.
LEd sphere is a 360 degree curved LeD display,and composed by over one hundred led module,it’s brief advantage as follow:

1,360 degree viewing angle,have a better viewing effection than flat LED display,
2, Protable,aluminum structure, support stacking and hanging installation,
3, Diameter can be designed and manufactured according to your detail requirements,entirely spherical controlled by Computerized Numerical Control,
4, Play full color video synchronous or asynchronous,
5,Excellent heat radiation design,ensure the reliability work status and long life of LED ball.

We offer this kind of LeD sphere and like to change our tech with others about the 360 degree curved led display

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